Friday, August 26, 2011

KI Media: Please help support our National Baseball Team

KI Media: Please help support our National Baseball Team

"20 Diamonds"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Learn to Play Baseball

This Sunday May 2nd, we're going to introduce baseball right here in Phnom Penh. Please bring your kid and friend and join us for most exciting new sport in Cambodia. For more information, please contact me:, or Chea Theary tel: 015-775-106. Thanks.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

How will I able to play baseball?

I have to work to support my family and go to school. When I have a chance to play baseball, I don't have anyone to play with. Most of the people I know, they don't understand about the game.

I wanted to play baseball, can you help me?

Fore more information, please contact Dani Brown - Executive Director of Cambodia Baseball, or (334) 790-8382. You can visit

Thank you for your support.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Cambodian Kids - What They Want All kids are different and participate in sports for a variety of reasons. For some Cambodian kids, participation is mainly a social event. They loves being with their friends and having a good time. They're athletic so they're beginning to realize the attention he gets when they has a good game, at bat, or play in the field. Other kids at this point just loves to play. They are in it for the enjoyment they gets while playing. They enjoys hanging out with the other kids, but that seems secondary to playing the game.

What about other kids, why do they play? The reasons vary by age and personality. Obviously the high school player is going to have different reasons for playing then a 10 year old. Unfortunately parents and coaches often don't recognize what the kids want to get out of the sport. I believe there are some common themes that apply at all levels: FunKids don't want to play if it's not fun. Again, we must consider the personality and age of the player. A high school pitcher may think it's fun to practice as hard as he can in order to be successful. The competition is what's fun. For most younger kids the competition isn't as important. They are more interested in the action and excitement of playing. Winning and losing most often means a lot more to the coach and parents than it does to the kids.

Variety and Organization Many people say that organized sports are boring to the kids. We've organized the fun out. Kids spend too much time standing around and not enough time playing. I disagree that organized sports are boring. It would be nice to still be living in an age when your child could head off to the local sandlot and meet his buddies for a game of baseball. The reality is that parents won't allow it without supervision. It's really the lack of organization within the scheduled practices that cause the problem. When one kid is hitting and the rest of the team is in the field shagging balls, you have taken the fun out of the sport. Kids want variety and action.

They want to develop different skills and they want to run around and have fun. A practice that keeps them moving, playing games, learning, and has a variety of activities, provides an environment that kids will enjoy. Building SkillKids love learning new skills. Just watch the joy of a child making contact for the first time or catching a ball for the first time. As their skill level improves, the challenges must also increase. If they are not challenged they will lose interest. FriendshipsAll kids want to be accepted and liked by their peers. Playing on a team gives kids the opportunity to form friendships and interact with other kids in a setting other than school. The team gives the individual child a group identity and a common purpose. It fun sharing the experience with their friends.

Many kids will only play because their friends are playing. That often is the main draw for them to be involved. Action and Excitement Everyone remembers shooting that winning shot in the championship game? Remember, the one you hit each time you went out to shoot baskets by yourself when you were a kid. By doing so you took an activity that might be fun and turned it in to something exciting and challenging. Kids seek that excitement in organized sports as well. They want action; they want excitement. It's up to coaches to put them in situations where that desire will be fulfilled. AttentionMany kids get involved in sports because their parents signed them up. By playing the sport and doing well they receive special attention from their parents and other people close to them. Kids want to please their parents and by performing well they see that their parents are proud of them. CompetitionCompetition is listed last for a reason. It's not that kids don't enjoy competing against their peers, many do.

Many kids simply don't like the increased pressure of the competition that they feel from coaches and parents. It's that increased pressure that can take away from the enjoyment of the sport. Learning how to deal with competition and disappointment is important. It's also important that coaches and parents realize the desire for competition and the importance of it for the child will develop as their skills do...slowly. Many kids aren't ready to be pushed into highly competitive situations where they feel the pressure to perform. CommunicationObviously this isn't a complete list of what kids are looking for when they participate in sports.

It is important as a coach and parent that you realize that there are a variety of reasons that kids play. Making sure that your approach matches the desires of the players is essential in providing them with a rewarding season. Finding out what motives your child, and the players on your team, will help you develop a plan for the season that fits in with their desires.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cambodia Baseball T-Shirt Fundraising

A Great Way to Show Your Support
We're Fundraising to help with our upcoming baseball tournament in March 26, 2006 and constructing a new baseball field in Phnom Penh this summer.

You can help support our baseball program when you making donation to Cambodia Baseball and we will send our beautiful T-Shirt to you. You can also help purchase our Cambodia Baseball T-Shirt Fundraising. We are proudly offering you our T-Shirt made by:
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Your donation and purchase is also a tax exempted with the Cambodia Baseball Inc., EIN#27-0096769.

We are greatly appreciated your support. Thank you.

To findout more information, please contact Joe Cook at (334) 790-5002 or E-mail:

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T-Shirt Design

Cambodia Baseball is proudly to offering you our T-Shirt Design. The shirt is Hanes, White, 100% Cotton Heavy Weight.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Monday, January 02, 2006

Our Mango Tree's

For the Loves of Baseball

When we first heard of baseball coming to Cambodia, we wanted to have a field to play and we had to sacrificied our 200 years old Mango tree for the loves of baseball.

For better or worst, baseball shall unfold our dreams.

We knows you will asked us: why baseball? It's loves and passion, the same way you respect and care for your love one.

We may lost our favorite Mango tree's, but we have the loves of baseball.

Our Mango tree had given us the fruit and spirit, but baseball shall give us the hope and joy.

To learn more, please visit Cambodia Baseball website or Joe Cook website or contact directly with Joe Cook - President of Cambodia Baseball, 601 Whatley Dr. #2006, Dothan, AL 36303. Tel: 334-790-5002, Email:

Uh Baseball?

At my school yard

Hi, I'm Yern Peanh and I'm 8 years old. I'm watching baseball at my school yard. Like the rest of the kids, I heard about baseball just a few months ago. I have no idea how they play this game, but I'm going to stand here for awhile to see how they play it.

To learn more, please visit Cambodia Baseball website or Joe Cook website or contact directly with Joe Cook - President of Cambodia Baseball, 601 Whatley Dr. #2006, Dothan, AL 36303. Tel: 334-790-5002, Email:

Sunday, January 01, 2006

I'll see ya at the ballpark

Another gameday at the ballpark.

Oh wow, it's a nice day today, Peun. I'll see ya at the ballpark after I done working at the rice field. Oh that's great and I'm almost done, too.

Hey Bun, those folks almost done working too and they wanted to see we playing today. That's greats!! I'll get the game started. Oh okay, I'll go and get the team here.

So who's we are playing with today? Oh, KompongCham team and I heard there're pretty good these days. Is that right? Yep, they got some pretty nasty pitchers. Oh I wanted see that.

There are so many people today watching us playing today, Peun. I'm getting exciting about this game. Oh yeah, me too. Is your girlfriend's come to see you too? Yeah, she right over there.

After 7 Inning:

Oh man, we're down 6 to 4. They are pretty good. I just hope we can keep it up with them. Their pitcher just killing us, man.

Bottom of 9, 1 out and 1 on second, still down 6 to 4.

Hey Reth.. watch for a fastball, dude. Okay, Peun. Oh nice hit, Reth.

Bottom 9, 1 out and 2 on, sec and first.

Vonn at bat, 2 ball and 1 strike and here's the picth.... Bam! Right to shortstop and 1 out.

Bottom 9, 2 out and still 2 on, third and first.

Thera at bat, 1 and 1 and here it goes....... He swung and missed. 1 and 2 and here goes....... Ball. 2 - 2, here goes..... Bam! foulball.......Still 2-2. And here the pitch......... Bam! A linedrive double to leftfield, 1 man score and here come the other we are tie.

Bottom 9, 2 out tie game, 1 man on second.

Vern at bat, 3 and 1 count and here's come the pitch...... Walk.

Sang at bat, 1 and 2 and here the pitch............ Bam! Over the middle and here he come........ He's safe! We Win, We Win, We Win!!!!!

No matter where baseball is, it's still the most exciting game, even in Cambodia.

To learn more, please visit Cambodia Baseball website or Joe Cook website or contact directly with Joe Cook - President of Cambodia Baseball, 601 Whatley Dr. #2006, Dothan, AL 36303. Tel: 334-790-5002, Email:

Still Going

Could it be a Homerun?

Bam! What a hit!!!!! It's way up there and it's still going. A high flying ball and still going fast. Could it be a ......?

To learn more, please visit Cambodia Baseball website or Joe Cook website or contact directly with Joe Cook - President of Cambodia Baseball, 601 Whatley Dr. #2006, Dothan, AL 36303. Tel: 334-790-5002, Email:

Grandslam in Cambodia

The Sweetness of Baseball

So...., you think it easy to starting baseball in Cambodia, uh? Well, you can said so. But the kids had never actually seen it happen until 2002.

For years, people thought Cambodians can't play baseball, because Cambodians are much short, light and slower then other nationally.

To me, I think Cambodians has great arm, leg and the whole parts of the body just like the rest of the people in this world.

Most of the people said Cambodia is not a country to have baseball, because it's an undevelopment and poorest country in Southeast Asia.

To me, Cambodia is a perfect country to have baseball. Everywhere you looks, it's has a beautiful land scape with tons of coconut trees, rice fields and the people are absolutely amazing. Talking about the weather, it's fabulous and mostly sunny with 80s degree year round and that's baseball heaven.

I truely believed that Cambodian can play baseball and within the next 3 to 5 years, they might be able to play at the Major League level and that what in every kid dreamt.

They're struggled to play baseball for the first 3 years, but these kids are catching up quick with the helps of MLB International Envoy Program and other coaches from the states.

Sometime this May of 2006, Baseball Federation of Asia, International Baseball Federation, Korean Baseball Association and Japanese Baseball Association will also stepping up to be apart of the baseball supporter to Cambodia. But don't let that surprises you, Little League International and Asia-Pacific Little League International will be participate with the baseball operation in Cambodia by summer as well.

If you would like to findout more information about baseball in Cambodia, please visit Joe Cook website or Cambodia Baseball official website You can also drop me an email at or call at (334) 790-5002.

Thank you, Joe Cook/President of Cambodia Baseball